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Griffin Kanter

Animal Communicator

Griffin with Jolie, adopted through poodle rescue.


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Helping Animals Express Their Thoughts & Emotions

Welcome to Talk with the Animals!

When you want to hear what your animal is thinking and feeling, Iím here to help.


Hi, Iím Griffin. Iíve been a professional animal communicator for over 21 years.  Working telepathically with animals for over two decades has refined and strengthened my animal communication skills. I work with individuals as well as groups such as Caballos de Milagros (a horse rescue), Citizens for Animal Protection (an animal shelter), and Greyhounds of America. Together we can talk with your pet about topics such as  behavior problems, physical symptoms and pain levels, conflicts between pets, and upcoming changes in the home.  I want to be of comfort to you by helping with the euthanasia decision at the end of your time together.  If you are open to the possibility, I also act as a medium in talking with your beloved deceased pet and can assist in animal reincarnation cases when your pet wants to return to you. 


In those situations where the animal can not put its feelings into words, I can remotely use Animal Body Talk, an energy modality, to help clarify and release physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues or conditions in in-home or distance sessions. As a Reiki Master, I can provide the healing and balancing energy modality of Reiki for your animals, in-home or at a distance, to rejuvenate senior animals and to calm, ease pain, and speed recovery of animals of all ages.


You can schedule a phone session with me where, in a three-way conversation, you can actually ask questions of your pet.  I serve as a translator or interpreter for your pet by providing you with any words, emotions, mental pictures, or physical sensations that I receive telepathically from your pet.  In the Houston metro area, I can also come to your home.


Please call or send me an email and I'll get back with you as soon as possible. I'd love to discuss appointment times or further explain my services of animal communications, Body Talk, Animal Body Talk and Reiki for animals.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.



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